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0 Flares 0 Flares × inspiration, beautiful, clever and talented young lady. This is Zoë; her real and full name is Zoë Demaruis Portia Flood. She is 19 years old; she is French, Vietnamese, and Mexican. She lives in Downtown Los Angeles with her boyfriend. She is a huge nerd who is really into anime and video games but she is also an artist. (I think, very good artist) She does many things: fashion design, modeling, cosmetology and she is just starting to put her hand in styling as well.  
When I first saw her photos on Chictopia, I was in amazement. I must say, so beautiful, chic and inspiring person I saw never before. I admire her, because she makes her clothes, like she want. I love her photos and her pretty face is cute.:-))) 
You can also admiring her blog: 
Love , peace and fashion Ikin´

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